August AWPUG Meetup

The power of Python compels you! Dave McLain will present on Varnish, followed by lighting talks. Torchy's Tacos and beer provided by the Daily Dot.

Aug. 23, 2012
7 p.m.
The Texas Tribune

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Recent Posts

  • Call for Sponsors and Speakers

    ACL Fest is over and it’s time to turn our attention to the creepiest, crawliest AWPUG Meetup of the year! It’s just over a week away, and we are still seeking sponsors and speakers. Talk about spooky!

    If you are interesting in sponsoring, please let me know via email, and copy

    If you are interested in speaking, here are some uncanny ideas for dishing out some terrifying true tales of traumatic tumult:

    You can speak about your delightfully diabolical Django setup or perhaps share with us some designs for your devilish devops systems. Maybe you have some truly terrifying Tornado tales!

    If not, maybe you share with us a story about a supernatural celery setup. Maybe you had to become a zombie-process hunter and you have still have the bite-marks to prove it!

    Do you have a purely petrifying story about Pyramid? Just as long as there are no mummies chasing you around!

    Or you could talk about Flask. That's scary enough.

    Even if you don’t have a full-length talk, maybe you have a lightning talk about a Frankenstein's monster of a project you’re working on.

    Don’t be afraid to share!

    Even if you’re not scary OR spooky, please come forward to sponsor and please volunteer to speak! It’s not as frightening as you think!

  • Austin AWPUG Meetup

    It is time. Once more, the powers of Python compel you to rally at the Texas Tribune. Once again, the greatest meetup ever conceived demands your attendance in exchange for fine food, tech talks, and great company. How can you refuse?

    This month, Texas Tribune's own Dave McLain will be talking about Varnish (an impressive HTTP caching solution that will help you survive massive traffic spikes) and how the Tribune uses it in front of Django. After that, we'll be having lightning talks, so come prepared! This month's meetup is sponsored by the awesome folks at The Daily Dot, who will be providing Torchy's Tacos and beer for all.

    It's August. It's hot. You work hard. Isn't it time you relaxed and hung out with some awesome Python gurus?

    Yes, yes it is.

  • May 2012 APUG Meetup

    Francesc has posted his slides on the PyTables site:

    Also, I'd like to remind folks to go over to the site and sign up on the mailing list there. We'd like to move both Austin Python and Austin Web Python discussions onto that mailing list/Google group, and thereby use the mailing list just for organizational type things.

    Thanks again to the Texas Tribune for the use of their facilities, thanks for Zynga for the pizza and t-shirts, and thanks to Continuum Analytics for the beer!

  • April Meetup

    Come on by the Texas Tribune offices this Thursday for the latest installment of AWPUG!

    Austin's hottest new meetup is AWPUG. It's got bytecode cowboys, chogrammers (margaret cho lookalike programmers), punch card papercut fights, and all night python karaoke.

    But seriously, we're going to start off with Joe Boutros filling you in about what's new in Django 1.4 including alllll about the new timezone support. After a short intermission Jeremy Boyd will be presenting the next installment of our Django beginner's series: Views!

    As always, we'll have delicious food and adult/non-adult beverages at the meetup sponsored by our awesome friends at MapMyFitness. Afterwards we'll head out to Buffalo Billards around 9 to continue our nerdery in public :)

  • New Site FTW! (OMG)

    Welcome to the new Austin Python website! (read: frontpage) We've just thrown this together over the last couple of weekends so that we might finally have a unified place to announce all the Python-related happenings around town. Hopefully, we'll be able to build on this and have a community resource for more than just what's going on.

    On that note, the project is already open-sourced and available on GitHub. If you see something that makes your eye twitch, or have an awesome new feature that you're dying to add, pull requests are welcome. If you're going to go build out a large feature, we'd love if it you could ping us so we know who's working on what.

    Some of the things we'd like over time:

    1.) Single sign-on using GitHub (so we can see all the projects everyone's working on!)

    2.) A sponsors corner

    3.) Job listings

    4.) Meetup integration (or hostile takeover!)

    ... and lots of other things, so just talk to one of the people in charge to start hacking!